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A wedding video helps you re-live the full experience of your special day for the rest of your life!


If you could see your great, great, great grandmother’s wedding! What would it be like to look back into time? Now is your opportunity to preserve your legacy. Share each detail; your vows, music, readings, sermon, toasts, dances, etc. with children, family, and friends for generations to come! Still photography is beautiful, but only tells a small part of the story. A video will provide intimate and cherished moments for you to remember forever.

Memories For A Lifetime

IS Studios Digital Video Production:

All Video Packages Include:

*4K UHD Digital Camcorders will be used to ensure high quality source footage. (Important for low light situations such as churches and reception halls.) Video lights are available if necessary.

*Two videographers will be at your Ceremony to capture the best angles and timing. All major studios edit between multiple camera views. This gives the final product a Hollywood cinematic movie-like quality.

*We will edit the footage to a BluRay or DVD, complete with searchable menus and a full sleeve case with custom graphics. During the ceremony, both a wireless and wired microphones are used to capture the best sound.

Wedding and Reception Highlights Sample

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Photography and Concert Projects:

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